Today's Eats

These eats are from last Sunday, which was lazy and rainy and full of errands. I started the morning with two and a half of these perfectly spotted bananas. The rest were peeled, chopped and put right into the freezer for nicecream!

Later on I had a snack of 1/4 mashed avocado on a rice cake.


For lunch I had leftover quinoa with zucchini and green onion and a huge oil free tahini garlic kale salad from Whole Foods with pesto tofu, brussel sprouts (special treat!).

For dinner I spiralized two zucchini and mixed in my favorite homemade cheeze sauce.

For dessert I had a few pieces of RawManda's amazing nut free fudge brownie bites. Fat free, vegan... seriously sinful but not sinful at all! Recipe can be found HERE.

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