Weekend eats

This work week was brutal. Friday night I could barely peel myself from the couch and Saturday morning I slept until 10am. I had quite the laundry list of things to do that day (including laundry) so I forced myself to be productive. 

I started the day with three rice cakes topped with mashed banana and cinnamon.

I was a little too lazy to go running, which happens sometimes because I'm human. In these situations I try to incorporate fitness in other avenues of daily life. The grocery store is about a mile and a half from my house, so I walked there! I got some ingredients I needed for a huge coconut milk, veggie and greens stew with rice- rural Japan style. The walk back was definitely exercise. I had two liters of water, two cans of coconut milk and a large container of almond milk in that bag. When passerbys weren't watching I pumped the bag like a kettlebell :)


For lunch I met a friend at a little cafe. They had a six bean soup special which I got, drank the broth and poured the beans over a house salad. No dressing needed. 


My crockpot was occupied by my epic Rural Japan soup, so I threw the remaining ingredients from my fridge in a pot and slow boiled up a creamy, potato based veggie soup. In the winter I could eat soup all day every day. I generally get cold weather cravings for massive amounts of warm and hearty foods. Soup does the trick. I can eat like 6 bowls without overfeeding myself since it's really like a big hot salad with a few glasses of broth thrown in there. I'll post the recipe for this creamy potato and veggie soup tomorrow.

Finally, I had some leftover chocolate fudge brownie squares for dessert with a cup of tea and almond milk. Yum!

I mentioned that this work week was brutal. I left the office most days around 6, having gotten there between 6:30am and 7:30am. That means basically no sunlight all day. The silver lining was when I finished the mile walk to my car and turned the corner to the water front where it was parked, I was greeted with an amazing sunset over a high tide. 

Always look for the silver lining friends!!

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